Plot vs Flat: Which One Is A Better Investment Option In Chennai?

Investment In plots are quite beneficial as it gathers much appreciation in comparison to apartments and flats. In other words, plots can give you higher flexibility on what, when and how you want to build your dream home.

A plot is a piece of land that allows you to structure your dream home, configure and designed the space as per your wish and there is no timeline to complete the home within a certain period. Plots give you freedom and full control to build it as per your own preferences.

Further, in a plot, you are responsible for the construction and will stay updated. Each phase of construction will be under your sharp vigilance which is indeed satisfactory, whereas, in a residential flat, you will lack these parts; the only benefit you would get is amenities, high-level security services, location and accessibility.

Therefore, investor sometimes gets in a dilemma, which one is the better option – plot or flat? Here are some sure-fire way reasons that will clear the confusion and will aid you to strengthen your decision.


For investment residential plots are way better than a flat. Generally, investors go for a ready-to-move property for investment and in that case, investors have to pay a huge amount of capital or take a loan and pay EMIS over a period of time. The cost of a flat depends on the location and amenities it serves.

But if you buy a plot in close proximity to the metro the price of the property would be much higher than what you pay for a flat. If you are considering investing in residential plots then always prefer a big city, undoubtedly the land rate will be much higher but it will double the price value after years later. The advantage is you can sell the property at a thrice rate or by building a home can rent on the property. In any way, you will get benefited.

Scope of Resale

As the supplies of plots are rare, chances are many buyers will approach to buy plots. Hence, there is a positive scope of resealing the plot. Further, apartments structure are comes in fixed structures and sometimes it is quite boring to live in the same layout. Life demands change in every phase of our life and in a residential plot you will get the freedom to change the home layout as per your wish.

Return on Investment

The built-up property or flats value will continuously go down after years of usage but in the case of residential plots, the value rises. A flat’s worth keeps increasing consistently since it is always in demand and the factors attract the buyer for a limited time. Whereas in plots you can rebuild everything, purchasing plots purely for investment purposes can yield healthy profits.


Nowadays, not only residential apartments come in a gated community but residential plots also. As the builder is also making everything in an updated phase and for that reason, they are following the current standard and injecting each essential service into a residential property. So the question is if a buyer would get all the basic amenities and lifetime opportunity to remake home structure at every time you wish then investing in residential plots will be the safest choice in comparison to residential flats.

Another factor is investing in residential plots generally gets double as the years’ pass. So, if you are planning to grow your asset for future purposes then it will be the best choice.


Generally, buyers do not pay any tax while buying for a plot. In case of buying residential apartments or flats it allows you to save tax on monthly basis but in the case of plots the buyer will get a deduction on interest rate during the completion period.


You can buy a residential plot by raising finance but there are some conditions. The loan process can be easily sanctioned if the plot has been approved by the local authority.


In the terms of the apartment, you have to wait years to get the possession but in the case of plots, you will get immediate possession. So here is the advantage that comes with a plot and that’s the distinctive part.


Whether you are planning for investment and analyzing all things from a future perspective then DLF Parc Estate Siruseri is the best option. It is always easy to invest in a plot. Surely, it will bring ample appreciation along with it.